Mona Preparatory School

FAQs (as at May 5, 2020)

Getting Started

For students, the Smart ID is the Student ID which was emailed to you or given to you by your teacher. For Password, enter the information as provided by the said email/teacher.

The best way to access the login page is to go to the home page of our website then click the blue button marked “LOGIN HERE” below “SmartTerm Online Portal”.

The most common reason for log in errors is that the ID and/or Password are not
entered correctly. Check to ensure that -
1. Caps Lock button is not on,
2. You are using the – and not _ where required, and
3. There is no blank space between the letters and/or numbers

If you have not received your child’s ID and password kindly send us an email at You can contact your class teacher for assistance

The ability to change passwords has not yet been activated. Parents will be contacted when this facility is available.

Yes, SmartTerm has apps for iOS and Android devices.

No. The cost is covered by the school.

Two. Text messages and a notification directly from the app

Generally 3 – 4 hours per day.

A parent demo was conducted on April 28, 2020. The link to the video as well as additional YouTube tutorial videos will be re-circulated.

Other Concerns

Yes. A 3-tier assessment will be implemented to guarantee equity among students. Students will be given a participation grade, discussion grade and a conversational assessment. A progress report will be prepared for each child. These grades will, however, not form a part of students’ permanent records.

Yes. The exact date for the end of the term will be determined after the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information confirms the recommended date.

Our specialist programme will continue. Those subjects are reflected on the timetable.

April 29, 2020 for Grades 4 – 6 and May 4 for Kindergarten 1 to Grade 3.

Yes. Teachers can provide direct feedback to each student using the SmartTerm platform.

The Ministry of Education is currently focusing primarily on the grade 6 students who are currently transitioning. We have not been given any guidance on the mode of assessment for the grade 4 students. When that information is made available we will convey it to parents.

Yes, it does. Any such tests, however, will not be included in students’ permanent records.

No. Students will not need a Zoom account. Teachers will host the meetings using their school issued Zoom accounts. records.

No. Teachers will upload recorded videos of themselves teaching, but recordings of the live class sessions will not be shared with students or parents.

Yes. Teachers will mark attendance, but this will not form part of a students’ permanent records.