Mona Preparatory School

Mission Statement

We provide a holistic educational environment, characterized by Christian values and an engaging home/school partnership that seeks to develop the full potential of each student. We provide the foundation for each student to make a meaningful contribution to society.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be providers of world class early childhood and primary education and to be seen as engaged in a partnership with our children, parents and staff in shaping a competitive workforce for Jamaica, the Caribbean and the International Community.

Student Values

  • Confidence in their ability to be the best they can be in everything they do
  • Lack of vanity and self-importance
  • Healthy concept of self
  • Honestly & reliability
  • Willingness to be of service to each other and members of their community
  • Tolerance of persons and ideas that appear to be different or unusual
  • Enthusiasm to acquire new knowledge and share that knowledge

Teacher Values

  • Dedication to their careers at Mona Preparatory School to achieving the School's Mission
  • Trained, congenial professionals who keep improving through continuous training
  • Provision of a nurturing environment for each student , one that is open, honest and supportive
  • Exemplars of the student values and commitment to inculcating them in each student

Parent Values

  • Commitment to the Mona Preparatory School Mission and acceptance of the School's Code of Conduct
  • Active engagement in their child's educational, emotional and physical maturation
  • Respect and consideration for staff, students and each other
  • Participation in and support of the School's activities
  • Meeting of their financial obligations to the School