Mona Preparatory School


Just below the mountain green, 
Lies a centre of learning, 
Right here, it’s clear, excellence is everywhere 
Decked in blue and white you’ll find 
Mona’s children, open minds 
As we play, we pray 
Here success will ever stay

I serve, you serve, we all serve 
Serve each other in special ways, 
As we learn and play at Mona 
We aim for brighter days 
I serve…. you serve 
We serve each other in special ways 
As we learn and play at Mona 
We aim for brighter days

With God at hand we’ll surely grow, 
He’ll direct our paths, we know 
He’ll guide, provide 
And will keep us all in line 
The future of this world we are 
We’ll outshine the brightest star 
As he leads, we’ll heed 
Reaching out to those in need 


(Girls) Forever we will serve (Boys) oh yeah 
(Boys) That’s what God deserves (Girls) we say 
While we hold our books and pencils 
We will serve as his vessels 
Forever we will serve 
That’s what God deserves 
May he watch our steps 
Long live Mona Prep  

Written by Mark Rhooms (September 2009)

Composed and arranged by Devon Sparks