Mona Preparatory School


Subject: School Update - Blended School

We are pleased to announce that the School was successful in the Ministry of Health and Wellness' Inspection on Tuesday, September 21, 2021. The inspection covered the areas of Institutional Health, COVID-19 Risk Management and Food Safety.


On the MOH&W Institutional Health Inspection Form the School's critical score was 62/62 and the overall score was 100%. On the MOH&W Document - Public Health Inspection Checklist for Educational Institutions in light of COVID-19 no breach was identifited in the School and the School's status was assessed as Satisfactory. Please note that schools are either assessed as being Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.


It is on this premis that the School will gradually reintegrate the children into face-to-face learning by commencing the blended modality (using groups A and B) on October 4, 2021. Please note that full face-to-face engagement commenced on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 for all Kindergarten 1 students only.


The School will continue to play its part in ensuring that we are fully compliant and ready to receive the children for face-to-face learning.

We appreaciate your understanding and patience thus far, and anticipate your continued support.