Mona Preparatory School

Inter/prep. Championship

Inter/Prep. Championship was held from Thursday, May 31, 2018 – Saturday, June 2, 2018 at the National Stadium. We were placed 6th in the Championships. Ayanna Blake was declared Class 3 Champion Girl. The medal awardees are as follows: 

Student’s Name 



Ayanna Blake (Class 3 Girls)

60 meters 

100 meters



Zonya-Camay Sterling (Class 2 Girls)

Long Jump 

High Jump

150 Meter




Nasir McMorris (Class 2 Boys) 

Long Jump 


Nathan Christie (Class 2 Boys)

Long Jump 


Azari Lee,

 Aron Rose, 

Joel Williams, Kaden Harris 

Medley Relay 



We would like to CONGRATULATE 

All the hard-working students, parents, administrators, faculty members, support staff and coaches for the commitment, dedication and diligence throughout the year that contributed to sterling results.


CONGRATULATIONS to our Swim Team. In the Mayberry Swim Meet:

  • Josh Johnson –  Records were Broken
  • Girls – 4th 
  • Boys – 5th 
  • School – 5th 

In the Burger King Swim:

  • Josh Johnson  -  Records were Broken
  • Girls – 4th 
  • Boys – 4th 
  • School – 4th 


Congratulations! Our football team placed third in the Alberga Cup and made it to the Quarter Finals in the Henriques’ Cup.


Dance troupe

Congratulation to our Senior & Junior Dance Troupe for winning 3 National Gold Medals in the JCDC’s National Finals. A Hearty Congratulations to our Senior Dance Troupe who won the National Trophy for the Most Outstanding Jazz Dance.  


Congratulations to the followings groups for their wonderful performance in the JCDC’S National Finals: 

  • Junior Choir for winning a National Gold medal and a National Trophy.
  • Senior Choir for receiving 3 National Gold medals and 3 National trophies. 
  • Mixed Recorder Ensemble for receiving 1 National Gold and a National Trophy. 
  • All Boys Recorder Ensemble who won 1 National Gold and a National Trophy.
  • Girls 12 & under Ensemble for receiving a National Gold Medal and a National Trophy.


  • Ensemble Category placed  1st in the Most Popular on Social Media 
  • Choir Category placed 1st in the Most Popular on Social Media 
  • Mona Preparatory School was placed 2nd in the overall competition
  • Each choir member was awarded a National Gold Medal for the competition.

Smart Egg drop competition

Congratulations to our Eggheads (Grades 4-5 students) that placed first in the Smart Egg Drop Competition 2018 and our Super Science Kids Team (Grade 6 students) who placed second.

The Board of Governors of the Mona Preparatory School wishes to express its heartfelt congratulations to the students, parents and staff of the Mona Prep. School whose efforts have spawned the following achievements in the 2011 - 2012 School Year: 


  • GSAT 2012 Excellent GSAT passes with 66 of 79 students achieving 90% average or over. 
  • 94% of the 79 students were given one of their 5 choices for high school. 
  • Recipient of a GOJ GSAT Scholarship Hallie Fletcher. 
  • Class Averages for our 79 students:
    • Mathematics 95.1%
    • Science 92.3% Social
    • Studies 95.2%
    • Communication Task 11/12
    • Language Arts 92.0%
  • TVJ’s Junior Schools’ Challenge Quiz Competition 2011 1st Runner Up.
  • Vivian Rochester Mathematics Olympiad 2012.
  • Top Grade 4 student in the Nation Amari DeSouza.
  • Gold, Silver, Honourable Mention and Merit Awards.


  • Most Outstanding Preparatory School in the Performing Arts for Kingston & St. Andrew.
  • Children’s Gospel Festival 3RD Place.
  • JCDC: Speech 4 gold medals & 4 silver medals.
  • Drumming 1 gold medal.
  • Music 2 gold medals & 4 silver medals.
  • Dance 3 silver medals and 4 bronze medals.


  • 1st place Nishida's Gymnastics Competition
  • 2nd Place Scotiabank Preparatory School Cricket Competition
  • 3rd place Alberga Cup Football Competition
  • 4th place Henriques Cup Football Competition
  • Among the top 4 finishers at all 4 major Swim Meets

71 students sat the Grade Six Achievement Test. The results were excellent. Thirty of these students got their first choice and 27 got their second and third choices.

The subject averages are: 
Language Arts       91% 
Science                  89% 
Social Studies        88% 
Mathematics          92 % 
Communication Task 10/12 
Although the average for Communication Task remains the same at 10/12, 12 students got full marks while 24 got 11/12.

In this GSAT year, Mona Prep. has seen tremendous performances from individual students, notably our top boy had a core average of 99.3 with an 11/12 in Communication Task and his runner up followed closely with a core average of 99.0 with 11/12 in Communication Task. Our top girl also came in with a core average of 98.5 with 11/12 in Communication Task and her runner-up followed closely with a core average of 98 with 12/12 in Communication Task. 

Grade 3 Diagnostic Test 
On June 14 and 15, 2011, the students of Grade 3 sat the Ministry of Education’s Grade 3 Diagnostic Test in the subject areas Language Arts, Communication Tasks and Mathematics.  The five strands tested in Language Arts were Phonics, Structure and Mechanics, Vocabulary, Study Skills and Reading Comprehension. Of the 55 students who sat the examination, 40 earned mastery in all 5 areas with 4 students achieving a perfect score. 
In Mathematics, the seven strands tested were Reading and Writing Numbers, Number Representation, Basic Operation of Numbers, Estimation and Measurement, Geometry, Algebra and Statistics. A total of 32 students gained mastery in all areas with 3 students receiving perfect scores.


Literacy and Numeracy Tests  
Once again, our students demonstrated that their Literacy and Numeracy skills are of a very high standard. The Grade 4 students sat the Grade Four Literacy and Numeracy Tests. The results have shown 100% mastery in literacy and 98% mastery in Numeracy. 

Mathematics Olympiad 
Our students participated in the 2011 renewal of the Vivian Rochester Junior Mathematics Olympiad, which was organized and sponsored by the University of the West Indies. Our top performers were Jason Salmon (1st place) with a gold medal and Steven McDaniel (2nd place) with a silver medal. Daniel Jennings and Andrew Paul each earned Honourable Mention for placing among the top 15 Grade 6 students nationally.


Lay Magistrate Association Essay Competition 
We commend Britney Ivey from Grade 6 who emerged as the third place winner in the Lay Magistrates Association Essay Competition. Rebecca Mahfood was awarded a Gift Certificate (from VMBS) valued at $5,000.

Schools’ Challenge Quiz 
We have observed that competition brings out thebest in our students. That is why we continue to allow them to participate in countless competitions. The TVJ Schools’ Challenge Quiz is no exception. By now you all have heard how we stamped our class in this competition. After defeating St. Andrew Prep. 59-20, in Round One, we conquered Lucea Prep 72-23. Following these victories, we outclassed Naggo Head Primary and met the outstanding Allman Town Primary in the finals. The match ended in a victory for Mona Prep, with the final score being 39-27. We are still anticipating a solid victory over many-time champions, Windward Road Primary. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Because of our victory, we were recipients of Twenty Thousand Dollars and a computer, along with the Schools Challenge Trophy, while the coaches and members of the team were awash with other attractive prizes. At this time, I wish to congratulate the hardworking and dedicated coaches Mr. Nero Christian and Mrs. Lahkrannie Suckoo. Please help me in congratulating the team, which was comprised of Peter-John McDermott, Stefan Griffiths, Jason Salmon, Shannell Blake and Daniel Jennings. We also commend the tirelessefforts of the reserve team, which consisted of Akari Young, Taneele Donald, Nathan McCook, Xavier Harris and Jordan Ashman.

Performing Arts Christmas Production  
Once again, we entered the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Speech, Music, and Dance Competitions. Our dance troupe emerged with four silver medals; the choir earned two national gold medals while the Speech Choir were winners of three National Gold and three silver medals. Not to be outdone, our Senior Drummers struck gold, too. We wish to congratulate our individual gold medalists: Milton Foster, in Music who has advanced to the National Finals of the music competition. We offer special commendations to the winner of the 6-10 year old category in the JCDC Children’s Gospel Festival, Joshua Lewis.

At the JCDC National Speech Finals, we were multiple-winners. First, the Senior Boys Speech Choir took home the trophy for Best Class 7 Male Speaking Ensemble.  The members of this award winning ensemble include our graduates: Graeme Reid – Captain, Daniel Jennings, Brandon Freeman, Zachary Murray, Darien Williams and Andrew Paul.

The Best Class 3 Jamaica Dialect Performance Award was awarded to one of our Grade 5 students, Nathaniel Robinson. Our newly selected Head Girl, Kristen Ferguson, contributed to our winning three awards. The first was for Best Class 2 Standard English Prose and Best Class 2 Presentation. By virtue of these two awards, our Speech and Drama teacher, Mr. Mark Rhooms was adjudged the Best Class 2 Tutor award. Overall, we have won five National Awards in Speech. 

Visual Arts 
Six of our Art students participated in the World Children’s Arts Exhibition. Twenty-three thousand (23,000) entries were received from 77 countries and Taneele Donald was placed in the top 100. 

Audio Recordings 
Thirteen students from the school choir were selected by the Ministry of Education to do an audio recording for the production of an Early Childhood Learning CD which will be distributed to infant and basic schools island wide.

Six students from the choir were also selected to do background vocals for a radio advertisement for a local cable company.


Community  Service  
It is critical that our students show care and concern towards the less-fortunate. That is why, in keeping with our motto, I serve, Mona Prep, collected and donated approximately $40,000 to the Jamaica Cancer Society. I am sure this contribution went a far way in advancing the work of that organization. We applaud the generosity of our students for this gesture.

Sports Report Football
In Football they placed second in their zone and were fourth-placed finishers in the Alberga Cup Competition.

Our cricketers ended their bid to retain the Scotiabank Trophy by reaching the semi-finals in their county competition. 

Our swimmers participated in all 4 championships which were held during the school year and were consistent in placing in the top 5.In addition, the Nestle 11-12 Girls 200 metre Freestyle Relay Record was shattered by our team, which comprised of Marshanique Fletcher, Keidi Campbell, Bijee Jackson and Kimberly Stewart.  The 11-12 Nestle Freestyle Record was broken by our very own Kimberly Stewart.                                                      

Four of our netballers were invited to join the Jamaica Under -13 squad. Congratulations to Bijee Jackson, Toni-Ann Farquarson, Tataiana Harvey and Danielle Rookwood.

Track and Field
Last year, we placed 7th   with 52 points. This year, we were fourth- place finishers with ninety –nine points. This feat was achieved by our Track and Field team at the JISA Inter-preparatory Schools Track and Field Championships. Among our successful athletes are: silver and bronze medalist, Akari Young; D’Angelo Mullings, bronze; silver medalist Xavier Nairne and for the second consecutive year, Toni-Ann Farquarson – gold.

The 2009-2010 Academic Year was a remarkable one for the school. In fact, it was one of our most outstanding ones over the past decade. We are humbled and grateful to God for allowing us to succeed in many of our endeavours.



  • 2010 GSAT averages of 93% in Mathematics, 91% in Science, 91% in Social Studies & 92% in Language Arts
  • 100% Mastery in Grade 4 Literacy and 98% Mastery in Numeracy Tests
  • Excellent performances in the Grade 1 Individual Learning Profile and the Grade 3 Diagnostic Tests
  • Runner-up Champion Boy in the Vivian Rochester Memorial Mathematics Competition

In the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), we scored an average of 93% in Mathematics. Our students posted an average of 92% in Language Arts. The average for both General Science and Social Studies was 91%.The performance in Communication Task resulted in their scoring 10/12.These scores have put our school in first place when compared to other schools that entered  50 or more candidates. Ninety percent of our students were placed in schools of their choice.  We congratulate D’Andre Forbes who was the recipient of a Government Scholarship. 


Grade 4 Literacy and Numeracy Tests 

Our Grade 4 students sat the Grade 4 Literacy and Numeracy Tests which were externally administered and assessed by the Ministry of Education. The results revealed that 100% of our Grade 4 students had achieved mastery in Literacy and 98 percent mastered Numeracy. 

Grade 3 Diagnostic Tests 

Forty-four (44) students sat the Grade 3 Diagnostic Test .The subject areas tested were Language Arts, Communication Task and Mathematics. In Language Arts, all students mastered Phonics and Structures, 98% mastered Vocabulary, 91% mastered Study Skills and 87% mastered Reading Comprehension. 
In Mathematics, all students scored full marks in Reading and Writing Numbers and Number Representation, 98% mastered Basic Operation of Numbers, Estimation, Measurement and Geometry were mastered by 93% of the students, 82% mastered Algebra and 75% mastered Statistics. 
Communication Task was scored from Level 1 to Level 4, with Level 4 being ranked as the highest. Levels 3 and 4 were obtained by a total of 82% of the students and 18% scored Level 2. 

Grade 1 Individual Learning Profile 

Our Grade 1 students were administered the Grade One Individual Learning Profile Examination. We are pleased to announce that the results indicated that 100 percent of our students had attained the required proficiency level. This means that they possessed the pre-requisite skills to master the Primary Education Programme. 

Schools’ Challenge Quiz 

We underlined our academic prowess in the TVJ Schools Challenge Quiz competition. Our team, which was comprised of David Shaw, Jonathan Pinnock, Stefan Griffiths and Jason Salmon, played three matches and advanced to the Quarter Finals, where they were narrowly beaten by the eventual champions, Windward Road Primary. 


  • JCDC Speech Festival: Double National Champions, 3 Gold , 5 Silver & 2 Bronze Medals
  • JCDC Dance Festival: 2 National Gold Medals & 3 Silver Medals
  • JCDC Music Festival: 1 Gold, 4 Silver & 1 Bronze Medals
  • 1st place in the PCJ Poster Competition Energy Conservation Programme-Poster Competition

School Choir 

Our musical students entered 6 items in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Music Festival. The choir earned 1 bronze and 2 silver medals. The senior drummers copped a silver medal while our soloist, Milton Foster, took home 1 gold and 1 silver medal. 

Six students sat the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Piano Exams.  Special mention must be made of Danielle Chambers, Kristen Ferguson and Brandon Chambers who were awarded “distinction” for this exam. 


Speech Choir 

At the JCDC National Speech Finals, Mona Prep School was a double - winner. The members of the Junior Speech Choir were awarded for being the Best Class 7 Grand Speaking Ensemble while our Senior Boys Speech Choir took home the trophy for being the Best Class 7 Dub Poetry Ensemble.  In addition, they to earned 10 medals, 3 of which were gold.We congratulate Andrew Paul and Mrs.Diahann Holbrooke –Yap who were individual gold medalists.  


Our Dance Troupe continued their distinguished tradition by copping 2 National Gold Medals and three silver medals at the JCDC Dance Festival. 



  • Scotia Bank Prep Schools All Island Cricket Champions
  • First runner-up in the Alberga Cup Football Competition
  • 7th place JISA Inter-Prep Track and Field Championship
  • 4th place finishers overall at the Burger King/YMCA Swim Meets
  • 3rd place at the Nestle Jamaica Swimming Championship

Track and Field

Our athletes competed at the JISA Inter-preparatory Track and Field Championships. Our sole gold medalist at the event was Toni Ann Farquarson who leapt the highest in the Class 1 High Jump. The Class 2 Boys were responsible for 2 medals: 1 bronze and 1 silver, which they earned from competing in the relays. After they jumped, sprinted, leapt and ran, they amassed 51 points and were placed 7th out of 61 competitors. This is an amazing improvement on Mona’s tenth-place finish last year.



Our footballers were also impressive. In the Henriques Cup, they won 7 of their nine matches and eventually placed third in their Zone. By virtue of their third- place finish and entry into the quarter finals, they qualified for the Alberga Cup. After the last whistle was blown, they emerged as first runner-up in the finals. Our leading goal- scorers were Kareem Salmon and Jeremy Verley. 


There were four (4) Swim Meets in which they participated and placed in the top 5. The Team placed 4th in the combined points standing at the Complan/ASAJ and the Mayberry ASAJ Meets.  
They were fourth-place finishers overall at the Burger King /YMCA Meet. The combined team was third overall at the Nestle Jamaica Swimming Championship. 


Our cricketers entered the Scotiabank Inter-prep Cricket Competition where they were winners of every match; and so, they were declared Corporate Area Champions.  After contesting the National Finals against Belair, they took home another trophy after being declared the Scotiabank National Preparatory School Champions. We wish to congratulate our top batsman, Jason Tapper, who scored a record 142 runs, and our most outstanding bowler -Vauyani Bailey. 


Mona Prep. School participated in the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica Energy Conservation Incentive Programme for schools. A poster competition was a part of this programme in which our school was an awardee, thanks to our Deputy Head Girl, Ciara Neita’s winning entry.


We are also happy to announce that, once again, we were recipients of an award in the Vivian Rochester Memorial Mathematics Competition, thanks Jason Salmon. He was awarded the prize for the runner-up champion boy in the preparatory school category. 


In keeping with our motto, “I Serve”, we continue to be actively involved in a number of outreach programmes which seek to promote a lifelong awareness of and commitment to help meet some of the needs of the wider community. Throughout the year, we contributed gifts to the St. Monica’s and Pringles Children’s Homes and the Water Commission Basic School. Funds; food items and clothing were collected to assist the earthquake victims in Haiti. In addition, the Cancer Society was the recipients of a cheque for forty three thousand one hundred and twenty dollars.

As we reflect on our magnificent year, we wish to thank the members of the Board, members of staff, parents, students, the Mona Prep Foundation, coaches, team managers, sponsors and our security personnel.